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Pokemon Amie - Shiny Doublade

So, this is what started it.
I’m so proud of the power Pokemon has. Just going to casually trend on twitter, don’t mind us.

I don’t exactly know what’s going on but even the Pokemon twitter is in on the song title Pokepuns

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How've you done in the VGC and what Team if that isn't a super secret? :D

This year I did pretty badly, I don’t believe I even made top 64 in any of the Nationals I competed in this year. I went 5-3, 4-4 and 5-4 at the Germany, UK and Italy Nationals respectively in the swiss.

You can check out some of my battles from this year here though, that includes the team that I used and such~ Those weren’t at events but they were online matches using the team I used.

But if you want to see some battles from last year at the World Championships I have this one here and one someone else uploaded here.

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That’s too bad! I didn’t either but I’m going to be in DC during worlds anyways so I’m planning on watching or playing in side events. Do play the TCG or VG?

VG, I tried picking up the TCG (ran Genesect/Virizion for a bit) but placed pretty poorly in the two regionals I played in. So I’m sticking to the VGC.

bluesnapdragon replied to your photo “So, my scanner isn’t the best of quality but these are the cards I got…”

Are you going this year?

Sadly, no, I didn’t qualify. I would have loved to though, especially with the orchestra. D:

First route normal types are great and all

But consider this:

First route birdies

So, my scanner isn’t the best of quality but these are the cards I got at the World Championships last year for being a competitor.

Missed out on getting Tropical Beach which was a bummer but the card art was still really nice.c: